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Smartphone app aids college-age women in abusive relationships | Science Codex

Women between the ages of 18 and 24 are at the highest risk for dating violence, and now there is a phone app that may be able to help them seek safety.

Check out the the “One Love My Plan” smartphone application, an interactive tool that helps college-age women in abusive relationships clarify their priorities and customize personal safety plans.

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I have heard all of these excuses. I have used all of these excuses. I know how hard it is to break away - to feel like your whole world will crumble without your partner, unable to imagine a life where you could possibly be happy and strong again. Being okay with the pain, because all that matters is making them happy. Never realizing just how much of yourself you have given up to them until it feels like it’s too late to get it back. Too impossible to even try.

But it’s been two years since I last saw his face, and I can honestly say that I am okay now. More than that, I am happy now. I am learning who I am, what I like, and what my needs are.

I am a survivor.

Domestic violence awareness month holds a special place in my heart. It’s time for us to come together as a community to stop making excuses. We need to speak out and step up.

Domestic violence isn’t just a women’s issue - it’s a human issue.

Break the silence to stop the violence.

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The problem with No Means No and similar campaigns is that it implies that a person always is available for sex until he or she says no, that sex is always on the table until the person actively opposes it. The positive thing with a culture that unites over the idea that Yes Means Yes is that everyone would need to communicate when they want to have sex, and not the other way around
“Do we need a consent culture?” (Behöver vi en samtyckes kultur) - genusfolket (via damnsoprochoice)

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"In a Beijing court last weekend, an American named Kim Lee made Chinese legal history. She was granted a divorce on grounds of domestic violence, an issue widely overlooked in China, and the court issued a three-month restraining order against her husband that the state media described as unprecedented…The judgment was a victory not only for Kim Lee and her three daughters, but also for advocates of the rule of law on behalf of China’s often-silenced victims of domestic violence."

Kim Lee’s case first came to light in 2011 when she bravely posted photographs of her heavily bruised head and knees online.


One can only hope that this momentum will continue to build and that this case will cause a ripple on how domestic violence is seen in China. According to a 2011 report, 25% of married women in China have experienced domestic abuse.

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